How a Chiropractor Can Aid Spinal Fusion Recovery

Around 16 million American adults also struggle with back pain limiting their daily activities. This accounts for about 8% of all adults in the United States.

If you have recently had spinal fusion surgery, you are probably in recovery. Spinal fusion recovery can be a painstaking process, depending on how your body reacts.

You are probably looking for ways to recover faster and feel better. One of these options is to see a chiropractor who has experience in surgery recovery.

Keep reading to find out how a chiropractor can help you with spinal fusion recovery.

What Is a Spinal Fusion?

There are a lot of different kinds of back surgery to help with the back issues. Spinal fusion surgery is one of these options that helps with movement.

The surgery permanently joins two vertebrae bones together to stop movement. It is possible at any level in the spine, making it a common option.

Someone may need spinal fusion surgery if they have an injury or fracture to their vertebrae. This is also done if the spine is weak or has become unstable.

It can also treat a condition where one vertebra slips forward on top of another.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Spinal fusion surgery is a very serious form of back surgery. Because of this, you should expect a recovery timeline after the fact.

Most people need to rest for up to six weeks after surgery. These will be the most uncomfortable weeks as you are getting through most of the healing process.

After six weeks, you should be able to move around more and get things done. You still need to avoid any strenuous activities or heavy lifting.

Chiropractors recommend that you wait around six months before you see a chiropractor. This gives your body enough time to heal before using any therapy or treatment.

This is important because it takes several months for the vertebrae to fuse together and be immobilized with the graft. You do not want to mess with your back until this process is complete.

After your back has healed, a chiropractor can help you continue your recovery. This is necessary since you will need help strengthening the muscles in your back.

Ways a Chiropractor Can Help After Back Surgery

When it comes to spinal fusion recovery, seeing a chiropractor is a great option. Many of them specialize in recovery and aid in specific back issues.

Chiropractors offer muscle rehab that comes with a variety of benefits. This includes adjustments and traction treatments to avoid compression after surgery.

Some chiropractors also use electric muscle stimulation to help with pain and inflammation. A chiropractor also creates individual case management.

This ensures that you will get individualized treatment specific to your recovery. This usually includes a visual analysis and potential X-rays.

It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before seeing a chiropractor. They will let you know when the best time to do this is and what treatments to avoid.

Less Pain

Like any kind of surgery, spinal fusion surgery is going to be uncomfortable. You will most likely have back pain after the fact for a significant amount of time.

How long this pain lasts will depend on how your body is healing. Some people take longer and some people are more sensitive to the pain.

Many people have found pain relief when they visited a chiropractor. This is often the result of gentle and non-rotational manipulations to reduce discomfort.

Some people also experience less joint pain after receiving chiropractic treatment. This may be an immediate result, or it may take a few visits to feel the effects.

Better Movement

Chiropractors specialize in a variety of muscle and skeletal areas. One of the benefits you should experience is a better range of motion.

After recovering from spinal infusion surgery, you may feel stiff and uncomfortable. This is understandable since you may not have been moving around much.

A chiropractor can identify areas of stiffness where your muscles are tight. This can help you to feel looser, allowing you to move about freely and do daily tasks.

This is also beneficial for healing since you need to move around to recover.

Improved Nerve Communication

There are many aspects of back surgery recovery you may not understand. One of these important aspects is the communication between nerves.

Chiropractors can help your nerves communicate properly by relieving the compression. They relieve compression from the brainstem and the surrounding nerves.

This helps the nerves communicate with normal signals throughout the body. These signals help with pain management and recovery.

Reduces Scar Tissue

After any kind of surgery, you are going to have some physical signs. One of the common signs of surgery is scar tissue.

Scar tissue is not necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t always ideal. Chiropractic care can help reduce scar tissue through soft tissue mobilization techniques.

This technique decreases scar tissue buildup and remodels the soft tissue. This can help you to recover without having too many long-term effects of surgery.

Spinal Fusion Recovery: Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

If you have suffered from back pain, you may have had spinal fusion surgery. Like any kind of surgery, spinal fusion recovery takes time and plenty of patience.

One way to speed up this process is to see a chiropractor. They can help you manage pain and improve your mobility after surgery.

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