10 Common Lower Back Pain Causes (And Ways To Avoid Them)

Did you know that 39% of the population struggles with back pain? Unfortunately, finding the cause of your lower back pain can often be easier said than done.

That’s because there are so many possible causes and conditions that could be causing it. That’s why we made this guide to identify lower back pain causes.

In it, we’ll be going over some lifestyle factors and conditions that can cause this type of pain.

We’ll also discuss how to avoid them or treat them. That way, you can start enjoying life again without back pain. Let’s get started!

1. Muscle Strain

If you’re experiencing some unexpected lower back pain, then a likely culprit is muscle strain. A muscle strain occurs when the muscles or ligaments in our back stretch so far that they tear.

There are a lot of things that can cause muscle strain. However, some common activities include things like contact sports, repeat bending or twisting movements, and lifting weights or heavy objects.

If you find yourself doing these activities a lot, ensure you’re stretching properly before doing them. And, if you have muscle strain, avoid these activities until you recover.

2. Lack of Physical Activity

When we sit around all day, it causes our muscles to get weaker. What’s more, it can also lead to postural misalignments. This occurs when your core area isn’t able to support your spine properly.

Sadly, many people have jobs that require them to sit around all day. The constant slouching associated with this type of work can also cause lower back pain.

If you can, you should try to get some physical activity in before or after work. You should also take brief breaks during your work where you stand and walk around.

3. Herniated Disc

Between your spinal bones are soft cushions, which are known as discs. These discs play the important function of a buffer between your bones. Unfortunately, these discs can tear, which limits your movement and causes lower back pain.

This is known as a herniated disc. Most of the time, herniated discs are caused by regular old wear and tear.

However, they can also be caused by improper lifting techniques. So, if you lift things for work or exercise, make sure you’re practicing good form.

4. Traumatic Injuries

Blunt force trauma to the spine can be another cause of lower back pain. It’s commonly associated with things like contact sports, car accidents, and falls.

Sadly, there’s typically no way to avoid this type of pain besides being more careful in your day-to-day life.

Most of the time, this type of pain goes away on its own. But, if it’s serious enough, it can lead to a compressed spine which can cause other conditions.

5. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage between bones breaks down. This causes pain when the bones scrape together. Unfortunately, osteoarthritis is another cause of lower back pain that can’t really be avoided.

That’s because it’s typically determined by genetics. Most of the time, physical therapy and painkillers can help. But, in some cases, you may need steroid injections for lasting relief.

6. Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is when your spinal column gradually becomes more narrow due to a degeneration of discs. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of pressure on both your spinal cords and the nerves it contains.

This can cause numbness and pain whenever you walk. The best way to avoid spinal stenosis is with regular exercise.

But this can be a challenge if the condition has already started. Since walking or running will likely be painful, the best solution is typically physical therapy.

7. Scoliosis

Did you know that scoliosis affect between six to nine million people in the United States? This genetic condition occurs when the sideway curve of your backbone measures over ten degrees.

Scoliosis can cause back pain episodes and a whole other host of problems.

Since it usually starts developing in children and teens, it’s important to diagnose it as early as possible. Early medical treatment options are the key to beating scoliosis.

8. Weather

It might seem implausible, but the weather can actually cause back pain. Specifically, this happens when the barometric pressure changes. This pressure change can cause arthritic pain to act up.

It also makes muscles stiffer which can make them more prone to injury. You can avoid this by moving to a place with more consistent weather.

9. Smoking

Unfortunately for the smokers out there, the act of smoking is associated with back pain. This is because when we inhale cigarette smoke, it increases the amount of inflammation in our bodies.

This, in turn, makes it difficult for our bodies to heal themselves.

So, if you have back pain from another condition, it might not be going away because of your smoking habit. The best way to avoid this cause is to try and quit smoking.

10. Obesity

In addition to lack of exercise, obesity can also be a cause of lower back pain. Specifically, obesity causes a larger amount of weight to be placed on the spine. From there, everyday wear and tear will cause lower back pain.

The best way to avoid this is to try and lose some weight. If you’ve tried this without success, consider seeing a professional that can help with weight loss.

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